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Title: Talk about your character!
Post by: Bladefall on June 30, 2013, 11:35:57 am
I decided to open this forum with a topic of 'talk about your character'.

Tell us about you!
- in game name
- class
- server
- why did you choose that class
- alternative preference
- your EE story

I'll start off this topic with mine :3!
Reason*See under
EE Story**See under

*Reason: I've chosen Warrior because I simply like classes that deal moderate damage and that are resistant. I started off with a Hunter class untill level 29~30, when I decided to try off the Warrior. I regretted I didn't do it faster. ;D

**EE Story: I did play EE before but I quit since I was playing it with my ex and it was giving me bad memories after we broke up. I took a little break and then I started again.