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Title: Looking for staff!
Post by: Bladefall on July 02, 2013, 04:05:00 pm
Since we're still fresh and new, we need some staff to start off with.
Here are some available positions:

- Global Moderator ( over-all Moderator powers )*
- Eden Eternal Talk-about Moderator**
- The Fanimation Zone Moderator***
- The Tavern Moderator****

Global Moderator :An over-all board moderator; has rights in every section.
Moderator: Moderator of a specific section; has rights only in that section.

*Requirements: Average EE experience & forum/board moderating experience.
**Requirements: Average EE experience
***Requirements: Basic EE experience & drawing/video/art/design software basic experience
****Requirements: No EE experience

Must-have requirements:
- Online daily or at least every two days;
- Communicate with team members; justify every action to the administrator;

You can apply by replying.